5 best breast cancer awareness campaigns

When socially relevant issues meet marketing , interesting synergies are created, in which the common mission becomes to reach as many people as possible, to send powerful messages to every part of. Therefore, the world. We are in October, the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer , a delicate topic that brings into play the forces of research associations, brands and testimonials with a single objective, that is, to. Therefore,

Between pink ribbons

Bottles of water and bananas, let’s see cancer awareness together the brands that collaborate with research and how they activate on social media (and beyond).  Pink Ribbon and pinkwashing (in a good way) It all starts from the iconic pink ribbon , symbol of prevention and the fight against breast cancer since 1992, the year. Therefore for the first time in prevention campaigns.

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The brands that do so actively collaborate

The pink ribbon has always been the protagonist of various initiatives, from. Therefore, free visits to brand pinkwashing . Of course, it is not enough to create packaging to support the cause, by donating part of the proceeds to support scientific research.

Among the most recent examples are Estée Lauder with the Time To End Breast Cancer social campaign and a limited edition of total pink cosmetics, or ghd with the pink.

Therefore, straightener decorated by David Allen , a tattoo artist who for years has created designs designed specifically for women who have suffered an oncological mastectomy.

The idea came to Lilt ( Italian League for the Fight against Cancer ), looking for a universal symbol that would speak to all women (even men, actually, although. Therefore, breast cancer mostly affects the female population) to remind them of importance of early diagnosis.

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Netiquette few but very useful rules

After an intense day of virtual screaming to celebrate Caps Lock Day , it’s time to calm things down and get back to good manners. Today, in fact, we’re talking about Netiquette , that is, that unwritten rule that teaches us how to behave correctly in the wild world of the internet. Netiquette is literally internet etiquette and derives from (you’ll never guess which) the words net and etiquette . Some users have probably never heard of it, but the internet, even if virtual, remains a meeting place between people and as such has its own rules to avoid turning into a trump match between pensioners at Mimmo’s bar.

Let’s brush up on the teachings of the kindergarten teacher:

you don’t scream How does this translate when we are writing? NO CAPS LOCK . Even the most experienced among us in using the Internet know that writing in capital letters is automatically equivalent to shouting and this hurts our virtual ears. The only exception allowed are your mother’s comments under your profile photo: here the block letters are a survival tool because otherwise she wouldn’t see what she writes. Read, huff, understand the situation and move on.

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This indication is insidious

Second rule: emojis , because at the first message without it, the “ are you mad at me?” immediately starts. ” On the contrary, excessive use risks turning your message into the next Puzzle Week game, in which you have to try to understand the hidden message. The emoji is a powerful weapon and as such must be used with caution. Last rule… The most important, which we should always remember, even when alone at home and talking in front of the mirror: education .

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5 things to know to create an effective

Do you have an e-commerce site and want to get the most out of your discount campaign for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? Here are the 5 cornerstones of every successful promotional campaign, especially for the hottest discount season of the year! Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas offers and sales: we are often asked why an online seller should invest money in a campaign that offers amazing discounts to less loyal customers. The point is that you need to offer discounts to retain customers and, to do it well, you need to invest in the right tools.

promotion tool to increase your sales?

So is it really useful to invest in a web The answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES! The data speaks clearly and, if you have an e-commerce, they speak to you! In fact, 80% of Italians want to bring forward their Christmas purchases by taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts. It is the shopping season that precedes Christmas and more and more consumers are taking advantage of it not only to buy for themselves, but also to anticipate gifts from Santa Claus.

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What makes an online Black Friday promotion effective?

Here are 5 ideas and tips not to forget to make this offer period as special for you as it is for consumers thirsty for discounts! Warm up your audience: prepare the ground with a Direct Email Marketing campaign. DEM is one of the best digital marketing tools for maintaining direct contact with the customer throughout the promotion process. Welcome email: it’s the moment of maximum interest for the new community member! Strike while the iron is hot and immediately make him understand why he was right to sign up.

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Remarketing all the secrets to win back customers.

Remarketing is a strategy that allows you to “chase” users. Who have visited a site, but who have not completed the desired action.  And therefore have not generated the conversion. It refers to a form of online advertising aimed at connecting with people who have already previously interacted with the brand. Usually, most users who end up on a website looking for goods or services hesitate to complete the purchase, ending up abandoning the site altogether. In fact, generally, only a very small part of web traffic ends with a conversion on the first visit.

Thanks to remarketing

A company can recover a commercial Denmark Telegram Number Data relationship with users. That was interrupted for some reason.But above all it can try to finalize the business objective. Therefore be it the purchase of a product or service.The filling out of a form to acquire contacts or simply request a quote. Specifically, we are talking about dynamic remarketing. Consisting of a more targeted and effective action. That allows a personalized message to be shown again to users who have not completed an action on the site. Having the ability to target this type of person means giving them. A second chance to return to the site and complete the purchase.

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To do remarketing

It is necessary to track data relating to the user Dominican Republic Telegram Number and his navigation and use them as statistical data to redirect him back to the site with the aim of optimizing conversion. You can do this via cookies , pixels , or strings of code on your website. Without any impact on navigation, they allow you to monitor people’s behavior to show them relevant ads and convince them to return to the store. Using these technologies means proposing targeted advertising, thus encouraging purchases, through levers such as discounts or by offering products similar to those just purchased.

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The 5 best tools for creating effective landing pages

If you share our passion for digital marketing, you surely understand the importance of having a well-crafted landing page. This page plays a vital role in attracting new customers and capturing the attention of those who visit your site. If, however, you are new to this field and have never heard of a landing page, don’t worry: we are here to explain it to you! via GIPHY Unlike the homepage, which welcomes users who come to your site spontaneously, a landing page is designed to welcome those who arrive via an advertising campaign.

You might ask yourself:

why not just direct them to the Oman Telegram Number Data homepage? Sure, you could do it… but is it really the best choice? Why send your precious visitors to the homepage, where they get lost among five-year-old blog posts and links to privacy policies that no one reads? via GIPHY No, dear friends, we need something more specific: the landing page . What is a Landing Page? The landing page is an essential tool for capturing the attention of visitors and converting them into customers. Their design therefore requires precision, creativity and the use of effective tools.

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The best solutions available for creating

In this article, therefore, we will examine Canada Telegram Number high-quality landing pages. The best tools for creating landing pages 1) UNBOUNCE Unbounce is a popular landing page builder tool among digital marketers. It offers customizable templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop system, and A/B testing capabilities. It is also known for its ease of use and its ability to integrate with many other marketing platforms. 2) LEADPAGES This tool does exactly what the name says: helps you get leads.

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Jung’s archetypes: practical guide for positioning a brand

Don’t worry, no personality test: today we’re talking to you about a very useful tool in building a brand called Jung’s archetypes. If we have to make our brand unique compared to the competition and position ourselves in the consumer’s mind, we need to get noticed by doing two main things: identifying the customer’s desires and empathizing with them. via GIPHY How do we succeed in this undertaking by overcoming the jungle of competition? Easy (to say): making the brand speak as if it were a real person.

Let me explain further:

We must consider each brand Canada Telegram Number Data as a person, precisely because it actually has a personality , with a well-defined identity given by the logo, name, type of communication and even product packaging. To exploit this aspect, archetypes come into play , that is, models of behavior and representation of reality present in the unconscious of us mere mortals which help us to identify all these personalities. Overall, we can consider them as a kind of galactic guide for marketers (or even simply a map, if you’re not nerdy enough) but instead of Douglas Adams we find Jung, the psychiatrist who first introduced this concept into psychology.

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Should they be a guide for us marketers?

GIPHY But Because for Jung the archetypes Costa Rica Telegram Number are universal , that is, they connect to our primordial emotions. From psychology to marketing, archetypes have revolutionized our way of conceiving brands over the years, especially thanks to the book “The Hero and the Outlaw, Building extraordinary brands through the power of archetypes” by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, allowing the birth of archetypical marketing , the branch of branding that uses this map to build the personality of a brand.

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The 9 most frequent mistakes to avoid on social media

Social media marketing is a double-edged sword. With the right preparation it leads to enormous results but if you improvise. An expert and hire the cousin on duty without strategy or resources , in the best case scenario you lose money, in the worst case you ruin your reputation. . But don’t worry! We at Nagency thought just for you to make a list of the 9 most frequent mistakes to avoid on Social Media for a successful strategy (yee!). via GIPHY 1. Social Media Plan, aka the Bible 2.0.

Social Media Plan

And on the sixth day God created man and Cambodia Telegram Number Data man created and saw that it was a beautiful thing but above all indispensable because it is there, always reminding you of the objectives and the strategy that you decide to pursue. How is it created? Through a preliminary study of targets. Tone of voice, frequency of publication and details of topics and posts to be developed. And also thanks to my two degrees. Unless you are Apple or Colonel Petrucci. Therefore  avoid talking only about yourself and your goals: social media is not a space to bombard users with sales windows but to fuel exchange and sharing .

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The customer is at the center

Therefore of your Bosnia and Herzegovina Telegram Number strategy so in short, improvise a Luke Skywalker of the situation and don’t give in to the dark side of self-referentiality. 3. There are not only Vanity Metrics Follows, impressions and likes: we are not saying that they are useless metrics but perhaps they are a little overvalued. As you watch your follower count grow, also think about their engagement : “How active are my users on the page? The comments are generally positive”? And so on. via GIPHY 4.

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Experiential Marketing: how it works and how to do it

This phrase from Baci Perugina opens the door to a reflection that is anything but banal. Let’s try to understand what Experiential Marketing is ,  on and how to add value to your marketing operations, with some simple examples. via GIPHY What is Experiential Marketing Experiential marketing indicates that set of communication and sales techniques that are based on the involvement of the customer in various types of activities to increase his level of emotional investment in the product and/or brand, allowing direct contact between those selling and those buy.

What it is based

Interaction, call to action, sense Brazil Telegram Number Data of belonging, cooperation and sharing of experiences and emotions… but instead of being an overly insistent mini club entertainer, it’s your favorite brand. But why? Because it works! Explaining the value of a product or service is much more difficult than showing it to the customer, making him experience firsthand the usefulness of your business and making him part of the story, a member of the large family of your brand.

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Experiential Marketing

It is a type of marketing that opens up to a vast range Belarus Telegram Number of possibilities and has been in use practically forever: what are fairs open to consumers if not gigantic experiential marketing opportunities? via GIPHY How to do experiential marketing Over the years, however,  (or XM, or Brand Marketing, or Participatory Marketing) techniques have evolved enormously and, in the last decade, the use of new technologies has led to a crazy leap in their effectiveness.

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Christmas Digital Marketing. The best books to put under the tree.

Instead of dozing on the sofa in front of the fireplace during the holidays, beached like whales, after having eaten everything from lasagna to fish, from appetizers to brontosaurus stew, up to grandmother’s blood pressure pills… you have decided to venture into Mirkwood of Marketing. via GIPHY Well, you are of age and free to do so… but I warned you. Annunciation! Annunciation! If you too are a latecomer and procrastinator and arrive at the last second to buy Christmas presents, but now even the fantastic Eurospin juniper bubble.

Books on Digital Marketing

bath has run out, here are our tips Belgium Telegram Number Data for giving gifts to friends and relatives, or to your conspiracy theorist aunt. that you hate so much, some fantastic. Let’s start with the Paleolithic. Let’s start by explaining, for those who are still unfamiliar with these notions, what Digital Marketing essentially is . Of fanciful memory, it is called Digital Marketing: The set of all those activities for promoting a brand and marketing products and services through one or more digital channels. (Treccani scares me!) It develops online.

Telegram Number Data

Therefore it also has more programmable

starting costs compared to traditional marketing, which must Australia Telegram Number immediately incur considerable expenses. Having understood what we are talking about, it is now important to establish where to start to approach Digital Marketing. The starting point, especially for newbies who are stumbling in the dark and don’t know where to start, will certainly be the study of the classic cornerstones of marketing. Well, I know, they will have told you over and over again a thousand thousand times, but you absolutely have to read these, otherwise you’ll do something else.

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Corporate best practices what not to overlook

Can’t wait to bite into nougat, pandoro and panettone (strictly without candied fruit) while humming it ‘s the most wonderful time of the year ? Us too, despite knowing that the impatience for the magical Christmas break is directly proportional to the amount of work to be completed before returning to the office in January. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to give you a nice gift: a list of the best super mega fantastic digital practices that you absolutely cannot neglect before disconnecting to bask in the sacred carbohydrates. via GIPHY 1. At Christmas you can… hack what you can never hack.

This is generally the period

Which the magical Christmas spirit  Australia Telegram Number Data collides with a rather widespread corporate phenomenon: the level of attention drops, the number of staff is reduced and the risks of cyber attacks increase. But hey, look on the bright side! If you have no ideas on what to give to friends and relatives, rest assured that at least you will make a great impression on your trusted hacker. Jokes aside, what can you do to prevent this from happening? First of all, a nice backup (complete and updated) and the fear goes away: in the event of an imminent apocalypse, your beloved website will be safe and you will be able to recover all the material in total peace of mind.

Telegram Number Data

Secondly update the plugin level

that’s not a bad word Afghanistan Telegram Number with an excellent  anti-intrusion system. 2. A good (re)pass to your search…er password As the great Master Miyagi said: put the password, remove the password . It seems like a trivial thing but along the same lines as the previous point, check, change and recheck your access: do you have passwords older than that thumb emoji your mother usually uses? Change them. Are they more predictable than a teleshopping by Giorgio Mastrota? Change them. They are all the same? Alright, you get it.

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You can insert simple text zones

, but also create video backgrounds, insert post grids, column structures, buttons, widget zones, maps, icons, and much more, or use pre-designed sections with professional parallax effect.
The plugin is lightweight and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Customizr and any WordPress theme.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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