They call “ShrinkLocker” that uses BitLocker, the built-in Windows utility) to encrypt the disk drive of an infected computer. ShrinkLocker Ransomware Uses BitLocker for Encryption Our experts have discovered a ransomware they call “ShrinkLocker” that uses BitLocker, a built-in

Windows utility, to encrypt the

drive of an infected computer. Alanna Titlington Year Month Day How ShrinkLocker  investigating cybersecurity incidents, experts at Kaspersky discovered a new ransomware they called “ShrinkLocker.” An interesting feature Estonia Mobile Number List of this malware is that its creators cleverly exploited Windows’ built-in capabilities to target malware-infected computers. In particular,

ShrinkLocker uses the standard


full-disk encryption utility BitLocker to prevent access to data Contact Lists. What makes ShrinkLocker dangerous? Like most ransomware today, ShrinkLocker encrypts the victim’s local drive to prevent access to its contents. Its essential function is to activate the standard security feature-BitLocker. ShrinkLocker shrinks your computer’s drive partition by MB (hence the name) and use