nvolving a national team will inevitably lead to a surge in the popularity of shops selling fan merchandise (jerseys, scarves, T-shirts, etc.) official or offline stores so. That you will not be scammed. Fake stores selling football supplies Scammers in fake stores selling football supplies lure buyers with big discounts, low prices and

free shipping, but in reality,

these are typical scam scenarios. Without reliable protection, you Your payments and personal data can be stolen and you never receive Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List your favorite team’s jersey. It is recommended to watch football matches only on official channels/websites and do not pay publishers of pirated content.  you’re about to visit a phishing site. Pay with a virtual card with set limits. Before

purchasing a ticket or subscription,


only the amount required for that transaction is transferred. This way, the fraudster cannot get anything extra. Do not. Buy tickets on the second- Contact Lists hand market – they may be deemed invalid by the organization’s official website. Only buy fan merchandise from official stores – otherwise you may run into fraudsters. Cheating in Football Fraud Phishing Privacy Threats in Football Sport Share Articles How Cybercriminals Scam Women Before 2020