Broadcasting—even when no device is connected to them. Once the encrypted password is obtained, an attacker can use brute force. Methods to decrypt it and connect to the Wi-Fi network. Such attacks can also be carried out on a large scale using a technique called “war-

driven”. Here, attackers drive

around a city scanning all available wireless networks and intercepting encrypted passwords broadcast by routers.  this – just a laptop, a   Anhui Mobile Number List remote Wi-Fi adapter and a powerful antenna. Intercepted encrypted passwords can be cracked anytime and anywhere. But attackers may

prefer to wait until they get home and




enter all the passwords they obtain into a password-cracking tool on a high-powered computer (or rent computing power in the cloud). The effe Contact Lists ctiveness of this attack was recently demonstrated in Hanoi: a Vietnamese hacker scanned approximately , , wireless networks and successfully decrypted the passwords in half of them. What you need for massive