Can’t wait to bite into nougat, pandoro and panettone (strictly without candied fruit) while humming it ‘s the most wonderful time of the year ? Us too, despite knowing that the impatience for the magical Christmas break is directly proportional to the amount of work to be completed before returning to the office in January. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to give you a nice gift: a list of the best super mega fantastic digital practices that you absolutely cannot neglect before disconnecting to bask in the sacred carbohydrates. via GIPHY 1. At Christmas you can… hack what you can never hack.

This is generally the period

Which the magical Christmas spirit  Australia Telegram Number Data collides with a rather widespread corporate phenomenon: the level of attention drops, the number of staff is reduced and the risks of cyber attacks increase. But hey, look on the bright side! If you have no ideas on what to give to friends and relatives, rest assured that at least you will make a great impression on your trusted hacker. Jokes aside, what can you do to prevent this from happening? First of all, a nice backup (complete and updated) and the fear goes away: in the event of an imminent apocalypse, your beloved website will be safe and you will be able to recover all the material in total peace of mind.

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Secondly update the plugin level

that’s not a bad word Afghanistan Telegram Number with an excellent  anti-intrusion system. 2. A good (re)pass to your search…er password As the great Master Miyagi said: put the password, remove the password . It seems like a trivial thing but along the same lines as the previous point, check, change and recheck your access: do you have passwords older than that thumb emoji your mother usually uses? Change them. Are they more predictable than a teleshopping by Giorgio Mastrota? Change them. They are all the same? Alright, you get it.