When socially relevant issues meet marketing , interesting synergies are created, in which the common mission becomes to reach as many people as possible, to send powerful messages to every part of. Therefore, the world. We are in October, the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer , a delicate topic that brings into play the forces of research associations, brands and testimonials with a single objective, that is, to. Therefore,

Between pink ribbons

Bottles of water and bananas, let’s see cancer awareness together the brands that collaborate with research and how they activate on social media (and beyond).  Pink Ribbon and pinkwashing (in a good way) It all starts from the iconic pink ribbon , symbol of prevention and the fight against breast cancer since 1992, the year. Therefore for the first time in prevention campaigns.

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The brands that do so actively collaborate

The pink ribbon has always been the protagonist of various initiatives, from. Therefore, free visits to brand pinkwashing . Of course, it is not enough to create packaging to support the cause, by donating part of the proceeds to support scientific research.

Among the most recent examples are Estée Lauder with the Time To End Breast Cancer social campaign and a limited edition of total pink cosmetics, or ghd with the pink.

Therefore, straightener decorated by David Allen , a tattoo artist who for years has created designs designed specifically for women who have suffered an oncological mastectomy.

The idea came to Lilt ( Italian League for the Fight against Cancer ), looking for a universal symbol that would speak to all women (even men, actually, although. Therefore, breast cancer mostly affects the female population) to remind them of importance of early diagnosis.