After an intense day of virtual screaming to celebrate Caps Lock Day , it’s time to calm things down and get back to good manners. Today, in fact, we’re talking about Netiquette , that is, that unwritten rule that teaches us how to behave correctly in the wild world of the internet. Netiquette is literally internet etiquette and derives from (you’ll never guess which) the words net and etiquette . Some users have probably never heard of it, but the internet, even if virtual, remains a meeting place between people and as such has its own rules to avoid turning into a trump match between pensioners at Mimmo’s bar.

Let’s brush up on the teachings of the kindergarten teacher:

you don’t scream How does this translate when we are writing? NO CAPS LOCK . Even the most experienced among us in using the Internet know that writing in capital letters is automatically equivalent to shouting and this hurts our virtual ears. The only exception allowed are your mother’s comments under your profile photo: here the block letters are a survival tool because otherwise she wouldn’t see what she writes. Read, huff, understand the situation and move on.

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This indication is insidious

Second rule: emojis , because at the first message without it, the “ are you mad at me?” immediately starts. ” On the contrary, excessive use risks turning your message into the next Puzzle Week game, in which you have to try to understand the hidden message. The emoji is a powerful weapon and as such must be used with caution. Last rule… The most important, which we should always remember, even when alone at home and talking in front of the mirror: education .