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Do you have an e-commerce site and want to get the most out of your discount campaign for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? Here are the 5 cornerstones of every successful promotional campaign, especially for the hottest discount season of the year! Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas offers and sales: we are often asked why an online seller should invest money in a campaign that offers amazing discounts to less loyal customers. The point is that you need to offer discounts to retain customers and, to do it well, you need to invest in the right tools.

promotion tool to increase your sales?

So is it really useful to invest in a web The answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES! The data speaks clearly and, if you have an e-commerce, they speak to you! In fact, 80% of Italians want to bring forward their Christmas purchases by taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts. It is the shopping season that precedes Christmas and more and more consumers are taking advantage of it not only to buy for themselves, but also to anticipate gifts from Santa Claus.

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What makes an online Black Friday promotion effective?

Here are 5 ideas and tips not to forget to make this offer period as special for you as it is for consumers thirsty for discounts! Warm up your audience: prepare the ground with a Direct Email Marketing campaign. DEM is one of the best digital marketing tools for maintaining direct contact with the customer throughout the promotion process. Welcome email: it’s the moment of maximum interest for the new community member! Strike while the iron is hot and immediately make him understand why he was right to sign up.

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