Experiential Marketing: how it works and how to do it

This phrase from Baci Perugina opens the door to a reflection that is anything but banal. Let’s try to understand what Experiential Marketing is ,  on and how to add value to your marketing operations, with some simple examples. via GIPHY What is Experiential Marketing Experiential marketing indicates that set of communication and sales techniques that are based on the involvement of the customer in various types of activities to increase his level of emotional investment in the product and/or brand, allowing direct contact between those selling and those buy.

What it is based

Interaction, call to action, sense Brazil Telegram Number Data of belonging, cooperation and sharing of experiences and emotions… but instead of being an overly insistent mini club entertainer, it’s your favorite brand. But why? Because it works! Explaining the value of a product or service is much more difficult than showing it to the customer, making him experience firsthand the usefulness of your business and making him part of the story, a member of the large family of your brand.

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Experiential Marketing

It is a type of marketing that opens up to a vast range Belarus Telegram Number of possibilities and has been in use practically forever: what are fairs open to consumers if not gigantic experiential marketing opportunities? via GIPHY How to do experiential marketing Over the years, however,  (or XM, or Brand Marketing, or Participatory Marketing) techniques have evolved enormously and, in the last decade, the use of new technologies has led to a crazy leap in their effectiveness.

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