The 9 most frequent mistakes to avoid on social media

Social media marketing is a double-edged sword. With the right preparation it leads to enormous results but if you improvise. An expert and hire the cousin on duty without strategy or resources , in the best case scenario you lose money, in the worst case you ruin your reputation. . But don’t worry! We at Nagency thought just for you to make a list of the 9 most frequent mistakes to avoid on Social Media for a successful strategy (yee!). via GIPHY 1. Social Media Plan, aka the Bible 2.0.

Social Media Plan

And on the sixth day God created man and Cambodia Telegram Number Data man created and saw that it was a beautiful thing but above all indispensable because it is there, always reminding you of the objectives and the strategy that you decide to pursue. How is it created? Through a preliminary study of targets. Tone of voice, frequency of publication and details of topics and posts to be developed. And also thanks to my two degrees. Unless you are Apple or Colonel Petrucci. Therefore  avoid talking only about yourself and your goals: social media is not a space to bombard users with sales windows but to fuel exchange and sharing .

Telegram Number Data

The customer is at the center

Therefore of your Bosnia and Herzegovina Telegram Number strategy so in short, improvise a Luke Skywalker of the situation and don’t give in to the dark side of self-referentiality. 3. There are not only Vanity Metrics Follows, impressions and likes: we are not saying that they are useless metrics but perhaps they are a little overvalued. As you watch your follower count grow, also think about their engagement : “How active are my users on the page? The comments are generally positive”? And so on. via GIPHY 4.

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