Don’t worry, no personality test: today we’re talking to you about a very useful tool in building a brand called Jung’s archetypes. If we have to make our brand unique compared to the competition and position ourselves in the consumer’s mind, we need to get noticed by doing two main things: identifying the customer’s desires and empathizing with them. via GIPHY How do we succeed in this undertaking by overcoming the jungle of competition? Easy (to say): making the brand speak as if it were a real person.

Let me explain further:

We must consider each brand Canada Telegram Number Data as a person, precisely because it actually has a personality , with a well-defined identity given by the logo, name, type of communication and even product packaging. To exploit this aspect, archetypes come into play , that is, models of behavior and representation of reality present in the unconscious of us mere mortals which help us to identify all these personalities. Overall, we can consider them as a kind of galactic guide for marketers (or even simply a map, if you’re not nerdy enough) but instead of Douglas Adams we find Jung, the psychiatrist who first introduced this concept into psychology.

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Should they be a guide for us marketers?

GIPHY But Because for Jung the archetypes Costa Rica Telegram Number are universal , that is, they connect to our primordial emotions. From psychology to marketing, archetypes have revolutionized our way of conceiving brands over the years, especially thanks to the book “The Hero and the Outlaw, Building extraordinary brands through the power of archetypes” by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, allowing the birth of archetypical marketing , the branch of branding that uses this map to build the personality of a brand.